Pixel Launcher APK with Wallpaper Picker for Android Phones, Download Now

There have been many rumours of Google dumping their Nexus branding this year. It is quite obvious that Google will be also ditching the name Nexus Launcher. Nexus Launcher had been renamed to Pixel Launcher this year. The new update comes with lot more new features. We have provided below the link the working Pixel Launcher APK file for Android phones. Pixel Launcher will come in the new Google Smartphones (Pixel Smartphones) as their default launcher. You can also use this launcher in your other smartphone too. There are 2 links of APK files provided below, one for the base launcher while the second link is for wallpapers related management functions.

Download Pixel Launcher APK

  • Name: Pixel Launcher
  • File name: pixel-launcher.apk, wallpaper-picker.apk
  • Updated: 13th September 2016
  • File size: 2.42MB, 2.25MB

The rumours of the upcoming Google devices are not stopping, it is getting more stronger. It seems to be the next Google smartphone will be HTC “Sailfish” and “Marlin”. Both the smartphones might be named as the Pixel devices. Google has highly modified its wallpaper section of Pixel launcher and features high-resolution wallpapers. “App Drawer” button which comes in the old version of Nexus has been replaced with a simple “up arrow” button. This new update makes the window much appealing and convenient.

The new Pixel Launcher setting page looks very similar to Google Now Launcher without any customisation. The launcher is very smooth and smart, there is no lag in any window. The App Drawer is very effective and works perfectly. The new update gives options to their user for changing the wallpapers on a daily basis by enabling the “Daily Wallpaper” section.

We have only downloaded the APK file from other sources and hosted them, we have not extracted or developed the file. Bookmark our page for latest updates on Pixel devices and also share the article with your friends. For more information and updates stay tuned with us.

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