WhatsApp, there is no such introduction needed for the application, every smartphone user is quite familiar with this application. It is one of the best and most popular chatting application of all time on all platforms. It is used for instant messaging to friends all over the world. There are almost 1 billion users of WhatsApp all over the world, thus makes the applications most popular. Text message, images, documents, videos and audio messages are sent to other user using their cellular mobile numbers over the internet. WhatsApp also provides the blocking option to the users to block the unwanted contacts. Users can also share their feelings with friends by updating status.

Mostly users download the WhatsApp application from the google play store, which is even recommended by us but sometimes google play store takes a long time to get the latest update. Here users can download the latest version of WhatsApp APK file (WhatsApp.apk) just by clicking the download link provided at the bottom. For additional new features and better security always use the latest version of the application. The latest version of the application can also be found on the official website of WhatsApp. The link below is directly downloaded from the official website with no new modernization. We are nowhere connected to WhatsApp, all rights are reserved by WhatsApp Inc.

Users who want to experience the latest version of WhatsApp, click the link below and the download the WhatsApp apk file. There is no need to uninstall the previous version, the latest version will be updated automatically. The latest version of the application will let the user send zip files, PDF files, etc.


  • Name: WhatsApp Messenger
  • File name: whatsapp-217202.apk
  • Version: 2.17.202
  • Updated: 31st May 2017
  • File size: 34.60 MB


In the upgraded version of WhatsApp user can reply any particular message just by taping the particular message and tap the reply button at the top of a screen. A user can also quote the old message and reply to that specific message.

To get more updates and the latest version of WhatsApp stay connected with us. We will try to update the latest version of the application frequently and let our users experience it even before it will be available in the google play store.

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